Government Program 373 Invest in the future of your business

7% fixed interest on loans in lei

Own contribution:

minimum 10% of the investment value

Fixed interest rate:

7% in lei

Financing period:

up to 7 years

About the program

At OTP Bank we believe in people and successful businesses. It is for this reason that we offer you advantageous interest rates on investment loans, now also within the framework of the Government Program to Support Entrepreneurs - "373".

Government Program "373" has been implemented through the Organization for Entrepreneurship Development (ODA) and aims to ensure access to financing for small and medium-sized enterprises (with turnover up to 100 mln. lei.) for investment projects by partially compensating the interest rate on eligible investment loans.

Program conditions and advantages:

- Amount: up to 40 million lei;
- Term: up to 7 years;
- Own contribution: minimum 10% of the value of the investment project, excluding VAT.
- Maximum grace period under the program conditions: 3 years

Preferential fees:

- Granting fee: 0.5% of the loan amount
- Early repayment fee: 0%.
- Administration fee: 0%.

Other advantages:

- ODA guarantee: up to 80% of the loan amount
- Transparency and professionalism
- The security and expertise of an international financial group

Fields of activity eligible for funding

Under the 373 Program, investment projects in any field of activity are eligible for funding, with the exception of those included in the List of fields of activity ineligible under the Investment Incentive Program "373".

Purposes eligible for financing

a) the purchase of fixed assets, equipment and machinery, including logistical, installation, calibration, commissioning and certification services and costs for the equipment and/or machinery purchased as part of the investment project applied for, as well as for the purchase of raw materials and/or materials necessary for the production process/the provision of services, the value of which shall not exceed 30% of the value of the investment project applied for
b) the construction and/or reconstruction/repair of the engineering network for the commissioning of equipment and machinery within the investment project;
(c) the purchase, construction and/or reconstruction/repair of buildings/premises, including ancillary buildings/premises, including ancillary buildings/premises, with associated land*, for activities related to the implementation of the investment project;
d) procurement of digital technologies and software for activities related to the implementation of the investment project.
* In case of applying for the investment loan, including for the purpose of procuring the related land - the price of this land shall not exceed 50% of the value of the investment project applied for financing.

Required documents

- Identity documents of the administrator and founders/beneficial owners (except OTP Bank clients)
- Legal documents of the company (except OTP Bank clients)
- Affidavit in accordance with Annex 6 to the Program
- Declaration on the amount of de minimis aid received, according to Annex no.7 to the Program
- Business plan and/or financial projections demonstrating the feasibility and potential impact of the investment project
- Other documents that may be requested by the Bank.

How can you apply for credit?

  1. Come into any branch or contact the Call Center and request an appointment with an advisor, or
  2. Send us an email with your contact details and you will be called by an OTP Bank advisor.