Seven tips for easy savings

Seven tips for easy savings


Have you been dreaming of a vacation under the tropical sun and a phone with a better camera for a while? It's time to change your phone to a better one, but the piggy bank is getting harder to fill? Don't worry, this article is here to with some tips and tricks for saving up.

1. Open a savings account and set up an automatic monthly transfer
Although grandad kept his money under the mattress, today it is safer to carry it in your pocket, in your Internet Banking application. You can open one from the couch, and you are a just few clicks away from getting rid of your worries by automating the transfer: choose a desired amount and set its monthly transfer to the savings account.

2. Save with the 50-30-20 rule
Ensure a steady boost to your savings by allocating about 20% of all income to your savings account, 30% to wants, a new jacket or sneakers, and 50% to necessities like rent and stocking your fridge.

3. Manage expenses like a pro
Set a daily or monthly spending limit and set alerts in your Internet Banking app to prevent exceeding it.

4. Get rid of compulsive shopping
You know the feeling of standind at the counter of a store and the amount on the cash register increases exponentially? To avoid this daily existential crisis, when you go to the store, either don't take your basket with you, or take the smallest one. You may drop your shopping, but you're less likely to buy an extra pack of snacks.

5. Shop at wholesale stores
Do you still buy your flours and household chemicals at regular stores? Try wholesale, when you buy in bulk, you can save up to 10% monthly, transportation costs included.

6. Take advantage of cashback and Black Friday
You need a new phone or a new pair of headphones? Download the UDS app to see which stores offer discounts, loyalty points and cashback. Cashback is the option to get back a part of the purchase amount, usually less than 1%. For a higher percentage, see the banks' offers for cards with which you can benefit from up to 10% cashback from partner stores.

7. Let your money work for you
In Moldova you have the opportunity to invest in start-ups. You can have average incomes of 15-17%, and the minimum investment is 25 euros. You can also opt for 30% interest, with the disadvantage of a higher risk. To accurately assess the degree of risk, research each project and the industry it belongs to in depth.

Now that you’re on a first name basis with money, don't forget to set aside time for loved ones and quality experiences, they are the ones we often save for.

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