Support actions for Ukrainian citizens

Support actions for Ukrainian citizens

Dear Ukrainian citizens,

As a sign of support and solidarity in this unprecedented situation, we have taken a series of actions designed to make it easier for you to access the banking products and services you need.

Thus, we mobilized the entire OTP Bank team to provide you with advice and support in carrying out banking operations, as a matter of priority.

Therefore, in any of the OTP Bank branches you will be able to:

  • Open a free bank account in MDL or foreign currency, through a simplified procedure, with only your ID or foreign passport, issued by the Ukrainian authorities (offer valid until 31.05.2022).
  • Open a free bank card in MDL, USD or EUR, in any OTP Bank branch (offer valid until 31.05.2022).
  • Get free access to OTP Internet and Mobile Banking application, which allows you to manage your bank accounts and make transfers in MDL and foreign currencies, in advantageous conditions. 
  • Cash withdrawal is possible within the limits set by the card issuing bank. OTP Bank does not set any limits. We would like to inform you that some fees might be charged by the issuing banks. Our team constantly monitors the situation and replaces the ATMs with the necessary funds. OTP Bank ATMs are easily found by the green color, which is specific to the OTP Group brand, which is also present in Ukraine. More details here.
  • Carry out foreign exchange operations with the Ukrainian hryvnia. Details here.

The most important resource we have is people. In addition to banking services, be confident that our team will support you in any circumstance and regarding any subject, so don’t hesitate to let us know how we can help you.

We will keep you informed of other support actions, which will be taken care of in the near future!

Solidarity for peace!

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