OTP Bank Team

OTP Bank

A top brand built on relevant values, with an impeccable reputation in business, synonymous with trust and confidence.

All these transformations and successes have contributed to the bank's image capital and led to its performance in becoming an authentic and nationally recognized brand.
OTP Bank has demonstrated over the years that it deserves the trust of its customers and the appreciation of its external partners as a bank that builds long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships.

OTP Bank is a team of professionals who share the same values, act with integrity and aim for the same goal - to become the vital advisor to its clients and a responsible provider of financial services.


Trust and responsibility

We are accountable and conduct our business in a way that provides fair value to customers, ensuring an open, transparent and honest dialogue


We are proud to be part of a professional, open, motivated and high-performing team.

Obsession with customer service

We care about our clients, their progress and achievements, expressing our respect, being responsible and responsive to their realities and expectations, assuming the role of vital financial advisors.

Simplicity, solutions

In our daily work we aspire to do everything in a simple way and offer solutions to our external and internal customers.

Integrity and loyalty

We believe that the basis of any action is courageous integrity. Everything we do is guided by principles and, subsequently, moral behaviour that ensures fairness, respect and complete transparency for all parties involved.

Excellence, quality

Everything we do is quality-driven and driven by an unbridled passion for excellence, an unwavering commitment to providing our customers with the highest quality financial products and services.